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(2 ) Forgiveness of Sins
Another one of the great vir-
tues of fasting during the
month of Ramadan is for-
giveness of sins. The
Prophet (sa) said:
"He who fasts Ramadan,
due to Faith and hoping for
reward (from Allah) then his
previous sins are forgiven. "
- Bukhari
Also the Prophet (sa) said:
"The time between the five
prayers, two consecutive
Friday Prayers, and two
consecutive Ramadan are
expiations for all that has
happened during that pe-
riod, provided that one has
avoided the grave (major)
sins." - Muslim
Forgiveness of sins is what
is needed to attain the goal
of paradise and how else
better than Ramadan for
(3) To earn Good deeds
for paradise
Fasting during Ramadan
also becomes a great
means of raking in the
good deeds needed for
paradise; for every good
deed done during this
month is multiplied more
t h a n n o r m a l . T h e
Prophet (sa) said:
"Every action of the son
of Adam is given manifold
reward, each good deed
receiving ten times its like
up to seven hundred
times. Allah most high
has said, "except for fast-
ing for it is for Me and I
will give payment for it to
the one who leaves off
his desires and food for
me.." - Muslim
Also when Ramadan be-
gan the prophet used to