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sport and amusement. The Prophet said:
Allah, the Exalted, has exchanged these days for
two days better than them, the day of breaking the
fast and the day of sacrifice," Refering to Id-ul-fitr
and Id-ul-adha. However, there are always those
amongst us who are weak in faith and lack knowl-
edge and thus imitate and participate in kafir
(disbelivers) holidays. As the prophet said, whoso-
ever imitates a group of people is one of them.
Have you ever walked by the house of a Muslim
decorated with Christmas lights during the
month of December? Have you noticed how ea-
ger our children have become in the month of
October, and their parents allow them to go out
to go trick or treating? Unfortunately, these are
some things that Muslims are doing today, imi-
tating the kafirs in their holidays. There is no
holiday better than our days of festivity, the I'd-
ul-Adha and I'd-ul-Fitr. There should be a dis-
tinctive characteristic about the Muslims, and
we should grasp hold to our values.

As the month of Ramadan comes to an end, Al-
lah The most Great, in His infinite Mercy blesses
us with a day of festivity. As many of us have
witnessed our I'd is like no other celebration.