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"The gates of Hell are
closed, the gates of Para-
dise are opened, and the
devils are in chains. An an-
gel calls out: 'O you who
intend to do good deeds,
have glad tidings. O you
who intend to do evil, re-
frain, until Ramadan is
completed.'" - Ahmad
(4) - To get personal sup-
plication answered
This month of fasting also
becomes a sure way to get
your personal supplica-
tions answered too. The
Prophet (sa) said:
"In every day and every
night, during the month of
Ramadan, there are peo-
ple to whom Allah grants
freedom from the Fire,
and there is for every
Muslim a supplication
which he can make and
will be granted". - Ahmed
and Ibn Majah
Also the Prophet (sa)

"There are three people
whose supplications are
not rejected: the fasting
person when he breaks
the fast, the just ruler and