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With Ramadan's departure, we
are saddened greatly for the
month of mercy has bid itself
goodbye. However, at this time
the believer rejoices at the arri-
val of the celebration of Eid.

Allah says
"you should complete the
prescribed period and that
you should glorify Allah [i.e.,
say takbirat] for having
guided you and that you may
give thanks."
Thus after having spent a
month of fasting, restraining
from what was previously halal
in order to gain the station of
the mutaqoon, the believers
united under the glorification
of Allah and his praise, greatly
welcomes the day of Eid, with
prayers, giving thanks to Allah,
halal entertainment, and enjoy-
ment throughout the day.

The days of Eid are indeed days
of celebration and merriment,
but as Muslims even our ways
of celebration and festivities are