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prescribed to us by the example of the
Prophet (saw) and his companions.
By this we can reap the tremendous
rewards of this marvellous day, and
stick to the boundaries set by our
beautiful way of life.
So what are the sunnan actions of this
day? How did the Prophet (saw) & his
companions behave on this day?
What should we do?
Grooming for the two 'ids
First of all, we should realise since the
day of Eid is a day of great importance
and a day of festivity, our appearances
are thus also of great significance. Just
as we would dress and groom our-
selves during other special occasions
and parties, the 2 Eid's are days we
must and should groom ourselves in
terms of clothing and physical ap-
pearance. Naturally this is confined to
the boundaries of Islam, if you are a
woman then moderation and hijab
are still to be observed in non
mahrem environments. It is preferred
to make the ghusl, perfume one's self
and to wear one's best attire on the
occasions of the two Eid's.