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Ja'far ibn-Muhammad relates from
his father on the authority of his
grandfather who reported that the
Prophet would wear a Yemeni
cloak on every 'id. This is related
by ash-Shaf'i and al-Baghawi.
Also Al-Hassan as-Sibt says: "The
Messenger of Allah ordered us to
wear the best clothes we could find
for the two 'ids and to apply the
best perfume we could find and to
sacrifice the best animal we could
Ibn Al-Qayyim adds: "The Prophet
used to wear his most beautiful
clothes for them and he had a spe-
cial cloak that he would wear on
the two 'ids and Jumu'ah."
So we conclude, from the above that
dressing up on the day of Eid is some-
thing the Prophet (saw) did and so
did his sahabahs. Hence we too
should copy our prophet, in wearing
our best clothing on this day, it is not
necessary for us to buy new clothing
every Eid, just setting aside your best
attire for these 2 days is enough, just
as the prophet (saw) set a Yemeni
cloak on every Eid. However if you