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choose to do this there is no blame.
During the Eid Ul Fitr it is important
for one to eat before going to pray the
Eid prayers. For 'idul fitr, it is also a
sunnah to eat an odd number of dates
before going to pray salatul 'id.
Anas reports: "The Prophet would
not go out on the festival of break-
ing the fast until he had eaten an
odd number of dates."
In addition Ibn-Qudamah said: "I do
not know of any difference of opin-
ion over the fact that one should
hasten in eating [eat early] on the
day of breaking of the fast."
This is opposed to the view some peo-
ple have in eating after the eid
prayers. The sunnah is to eat before
praying, and to eat odd number of
dates as the Prophet (saw) did.
Women and children going out to
attend 'id prayer
Contrast to modern beliefs of Eid
prayers being held in the masjid, the
sunnah is to have the Eid prayer per-
formed in an open space so the