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tance of engaging all sectors of this
Ummah, during this great day. Thus it
is important for the men of this Um-
mah to involve their women as much
as they can on this day of Eid, for it is
a time in which all are joyful and
thankful to Allah. Witnessing the
unity of Muslims on this day can be
overwhelming in terms of emotions
of happiness and joy, and Allah out of
his mercy has allowed even the men-
struating women to partake in this
glad tiding. So it is important that the
Eid prayers are conducted in open
spaces and not in Masjids to allow
women to benefit from this great day.
Taking different routes to and
from musalla
Another one of the sunnans of the
Prophet (saw) is to take different
routes than his usual to the place of
Jabir reports: "On the days of 'id, the
Prophet would take different
Abu Hurairah says: "When the
Prophet went to salatul 'id, he