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he would return through a differ-
ent route."

It is permissible to return through the
same route by which one goes to the
musalla. Bakr ibn Mubashir says: "I
used to go with the companions of the
Prophet to the musalla on 'idul azha
and on 'idul fitr, and we passed
through a specific valley in Medinah
until we came to the place of salah
and prayed with the Messenger of Al-
lah, and then we would return to our
houses through the same valley."
Takbirat during the days of 'id
It is a sunnah to pronounce the takbi-
rat on 'id days. Concerning the 'id of
breaking the fast.
Allah says: "you should complete
the prescribed period and that you
should glorify Allah [i.e., say takbi-
rat] for having guided you and
that you may give thanks."
These takbirat can be made in many
different forms. The most authentic
form is that which has been recorded
with a sahih chain by 'Abdurrazaq