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from Salman, who said: "They made
takbirat with: 'Allahu akbar, Al-
lahu akbar, Allahu akbar
From 'Umar and ibn Mas'ud the fol-
lowing is related: "Allahu akbar. Al-
lahu akbar. La ilaha illallah. Al-
lahu akbar. Allahu akbar wa lilla-
hil-hamd." Translation: Allah is the
greatest, Allah is the greatest.
There is no God but Allah. Allah is
the greatest, Allah is the greatest.
All praise belongs to Allah.
Congratulating one another on the
days of 'id
Congratulating each other on this day
increases the vibe of excitement and
love amongst the Muslims on this
day; hence it is advised to congratu-
late each other with the greetings of
`Eid Mubarak' on the day of Eid. Smil-
ing at your brother and greeting him
with these words, increases the unity
between the Muslims.
Jabir ibn Nafir reports: "When the
companions of the Prophet met
each other on the day of 'id, they
would say to each other, 'taqabbal