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requested that Imam Hasan be in-
vited to the conference. "We hear
him lecture on sunnahfollowers all
the time but to have him in person
was an even greater experience."

The conference was held in the
beautiful city of Melborne and the
theme centered around how Islam
is not just a religion but a way of life
as well. In Imam Hasan's opening
lecture he spoke about how im-
pressed he was with how the Mus-
lims in Melbourne were living up to
our way of life

."It is truly a blessing to see so
many young Muslim men with
bearded faces," he said. "Also the
mannerisms are so refined. I have
never been made to feel so at
home in a strange place before."

It was a blessing for those watching
on sunnahfollowers to see as well;
for the brothers of Melbourne ea-
gerly attached their camera's to the
sunnahfollowers Webinar.