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"MashaAllah it was so wonderful to not only hear the lec-
tures but to see the Imams as well," said sister Magda
who lives in Poland.
"All from the comfort of your own home without having to
contend with women chit chatting and children running all
over the place," said sister Aisha Fatima of Canada.
"The whole experience was great for me," said sister
Maria of Italy. "I don't get to attend the masjid often so
this was truly great."
Other speakers included Sheikh Mohammad Omran also
of sunnahfollowers.

"I am a student of Sheikh Omran, " said Umm Abdul of
Melbourne. "I was unable to attend the conference but
was so happy when I found out I could log on from home
and not miss anything. The video Camera really made
me feel as if I were there."