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Giving Preference Over Themselves Even
Though They Were In Need Of That
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Abu Hurayrah said, "A man came to the Prophet and said,
,,O Allahs Messenger! Poverty has struck me. The Prophet
sent a messenger to his wives (to bring something for that
man to eat) but they said that they had nothing.
Then Allahs Messenger said, ,,Who will invite this person or
entertain him as a guest tonight; may Allah grant His mercy
to him who does so. An Ansari man said, ,,I, O Allahs Mes-
senger! So he took him to his wife and said to her,
,,Entertain the guest of Allahs Messenger generously. She
said, ,,By Allah ! We have nothing except the meal for my
children. He said, ,,Let your children sleep if they ask for
supper. Then turn off the lamp and we go to bed tonight
while hungry. She did what he asked her to do."
"In the morning the Ansari went to Allahs Messenger who
said, ,,Allah wondered (favorably) or laughed at the action
of so-and-so and his wife. Then Allah revealed,`And they
give them preference over themselves even though
they were in need of that.' (Surah al-Hashr:9)"
Al-Bukhari, Muslim, At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasai collected this Hadith