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I can't explain how excited I
was to experience my first
Ramadan which was in Au-
gust 2008. I had taken my
Shahada the very last day of
Ramadan the year before at
my local masjid. That night
the sisters were so helpful
trying to show me how to
pray and just welcoming me
to this beautiful deen of Is-
lam. They began to explain
to me why we fast and eve-
rything that was going on
around me that night. For
me the thought of fasting
was very strange as it was
new to me, but it was some-
thing I was looking forward
to doing the next year.
My journey to Islam had be-
gun, and I was learning my
religion going to classes and
reading everything I could
get my hands on. I would sit
with the sister that gave me
shahada learning all that I