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could and there was so much
to learn. It was then that I
realized I was embarking
upon a rewarding and life
changing journey.
As the year moved on and
the closer we came to Rama-
dan the more excited I was
becoming about fasting and
this would also be my first
experience of reading the en-
tire Qu'ran. As the days grew
closer I began to get scared
as I had never fasted in my
life and I didn't know the
first thing about fasting. I
was told by some that be-
cause I was breastfeeding I
did not have to fast but I
wanted too. I didn't want to
use that as an excuse, al-
though after I was told that I
had second thoughts about
fasting. For me this would
be my outward expression of
love for Allah and my com-
mitment to Islam. My son at
the time was close to one