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and was eating solid food as
well as breastfeeding, so in
my eyes he and I would be
just fine and there was no
excuse not to do it.
I finally received my call that
it was time to begin my first
fast. My sister explained to
me about eating before the
Fajr prayer and that once the
athan was called for Fajr I
would not able eat again un-
til Mahgrib. My very first sa-
hoor was spaghetti, garlic
bread, and a salad it was the
first and last time that I ate
that way. I think I was trying
to eat as much as I could of
my dinner for breakfast. I
learned as the days went on
to eat light and drink lots of
For me that first Ramadan
was the most beautiful ex-
perience that I ever had. The
sense of family and love that
I felt with the sisters in the
Masjid was something I had