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staffs due to the protracted standing during the
prayer. They would not leave their prayers until
shortly before dawn and some of them would rush
their servants to prepare food for them fearing that
dawn may break soon. They would recite surah Al-
Baqarah in eight rak'at and if they completed it in
twelve rak'at, they would consider their prayers to
have been very short.

Many Imam's today try to complete the entire Quran
over the course of the month during the Tarawih.
Women and Tarawih.
This Ramadan may be the first for many of you.
Even though women receive more reward praying
in their homes, try to spend at least one night at the
mosque performing the tarawih so you can truly ex-
perience this special prayer.

May Allah make this Ramadan fruitful for us all.

By:Laila Nasheeba