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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Beloved, the Final
Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be eternal and exalted blessings, and on his Family and on his Companions,
may Allah be pleased with them all.
Allah, in order to carry out what he
prescribes. Zakat means both puri-
fication and growth. Our wealth is
purified by setting aside a portion
for those in need, and like a grow-
ing tree, the branches must be
p r u n e d b a c k t o a l l o w n e w
growth. Many people confuse Za-
kat with the word Sadaqa. Zakat is
the purifying charity commanded by
Allah (swt) and its annual payment
is set at 2.5 %( or $25 for every
$1000 saved) of our yearly eco-
nomic accumulations after ex-
penses, for the benefit of the poor,
orphans, and the needy. The
obligatory Zakat is to be given to
your local masjid, and not sent
overseas or given to your fam-
ily.Sadaqa is a voluntary charity. A
pious muslim may give in sadaqa
however much they want to give
and at anytime, preferably in secret.