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all other sorts, are laid stretching from the furthest ends
of our living room floors. Food enough to feed an entire
community ranging to almost 30 plus people is cooked
for a family of only 5 or 6. Thus we spend most of the
fasting day preparing a meal as large as the eye can
comprehend but too much for the stomach to tolerate.
So the question boils down to whether Ramadan has be-
come a month of con-
templation or one of
Allah says in the
"Observing al-Siyaam
(the fast) is pre-
scribed for you as it
was prescribed for
those before you,
that you may become
(the pious)"
Al-Baqarah 2:183
The believer, who comes across this verse, understands
clearly the purpose of Ramadan without any doubts.