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nam are locked, and the rebellious shaytaans are
chained up. Allah has in it a night which is better than
a thousand months and whoever is deprived of it has
certainly been deprived."
[An-Nasa'I & Ahmad]
Also in a khutba delivered on the last day of Sha'ban the
Prophet (saw) described Ramadan as a
,,month of stead-
fastness (sabr) and the reward for the steadfastness is
the garden.
These hadiths mention to us some of the many virtues of
Ramadan and the benefit it carries, thus the believer un-
derstands that despite the hunger and thirst faced dur-
ing the fasting
day, the reward in
being steadfast
and contemplat-
ing during the
fasting day on
one's iman, and
rectifying it, is in-
deed greater. And
thus the believing
men and women
spend their day in