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contemplation, and food becomes a matter forgotten by
the mind, no longer craved for by the stomach, neither
sought for by the eyes, because the remembrance of Al-
lah satisfies him.
So in essence the fasting day is supposed to be spent in
the way of remembering Allah and contemplating on
one's life, rather than planning the many dishes of food
to be cooked. Yes it is greatly encouraged to invite peo-
ple to your house for iftaris, for breaking another Mus-
lims fast is an incredible reward. However as Muslims we
are moderate in all aspects of our life, we must ensure
that we can do such rewarding deeds, but at the same
time still benefit from the fasting day. Some of you may
ask how this is possible. I say it is. Actually it's very sim-
ple, with meticulous planning of the day ahead, we can
make a schedule in which by the will of Allah will enable
us to reap the rewards in all manners. So by waking up
at fajr you can sit and plan the acts of ibaadahs you will