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engage in, for example read a page of Qur'an, ponder
over a surah e.t.c, and then I will start cooking at such
and such time. By this you have set a limit and a balance
in your day whereby you can achieve the best you can,
whilst at the same time host to your guests in a welcom-
ing manner.
Lastly we must understand that the month of Ramadan
is a month of mercy, a month in which Allah revealed his
word to mankind. Thus it is not appropriate for such a
blessed month to be treated in such a frivolous way,
would any of us treat the president of a country in a
playful way if he were to be our guest? By Allah we
would pay extra attention to everything in order to
please such a guest. What about the month of Ramadan?
Will we pay extra care, time, attention, thought and con-
templation to reap the best of it? Or will we continue to
remain playful?

By:Ayan Mohamud Ali