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Allahu Akbar, this is another
proof of how everything Allah
has ordered us to do have
great benefit for us in every

So what is the key to success-
ful fasting during Ramadan?

It is very important to eat be-
fore dawn while you fast, as
our beloved Prophet (saw)
had mentioned in several
A companion said: "I en-
tered upon the Prophet
(peace and blessing be
upon him) and he was tak-
ing his Suhoor (pre-dawn
meal) and he said: "It is a
blessing which Allah has
given to you, so do not
leave it". [Ahmad and an-
Nasa'i; Sahih].
Furthermore several studies
have confirmed that eating a
healthy breakfast will result in
increased energy levels, a
increased energy levels, a
heightened attention span,
and general well-being. For
those who still don't want to
eat breakfast saying "I just
don't like to eat breakfast",
here is a reminder for you;
your body has a right upon
you, so do the right thing
and eat Suhoor. Not only
that, but it is a Sunnah that
has both a medical and reli-
gious background Allah
does not burden us with dif-
ficulty which we cannot bear,
and thus He has com-
manded His Messenger to
delay the Suhoor until just
before Fajr, and to hasten to
eat at sunset.

High fiber, high protein
meals combined with fruits
are a great source of fuel for
the body. Here is a short list
of high protein food sources:
turkey, chicken, tuna,
salmon, sardines, cheddar
cheese, cottage cheese,
eggs, milk, yogurt, and