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whole wheat/multi-grain breads. There are
many varieties of food to choose from Al-
hamdulillah, for this reason we have no ex-
cuse not to take care of our bodies as we
are ordered by Allah.

Hydrating our bodies is just as important
as feeding our bodies. Drink lots of fluid
during the suhoor, water, tea, and juices
are all beneficial for us. Try to refrain from
high sugar content drinks, because like
candy, they can cause a surge of insulin
and when your blood sugar drops, it will
cause hunger. Drink some milk too, if you
can tolerate it, or lactaid if you have lac-
tose intolerance, and consume as much
water as possible to prevent dehydration.
Sahl ibn Sa`d reported that the Prophet
(S) said: "The people will not cease to
be upon good as long as they hasten in
breaking the fast." [Bukhari and Mus-

To eat a good healthy meal after sunset is
just as important as eating suhoor. Over
eating has never been encouraged, and it
is in fact condemned in the Quran, where
Allah (swt) tells us: