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"O children of Adam,
take your adornment to
every mosque. And eat
and drink, but be not ex-
cessive. Indeed, He does
not like those who com-
mit excess." [7: 31]

As well as in the hadith of
the Prophet (sws) wherein
he said:
The child of Adam fills
no vessel worse than his
stomach. Sufficient for
the child of Adam are a
few morsels to keep his
back straight. If he must
eat more, then a third
should be for his food, a
third for his drink, and a
third left for air." [Sunan
al-Tirmidhī and Musnad
by al-Albānī in Sahīh al-
A well balanced diet and
plenty of fluids can help us
to remain healthy and fol-
low what has been or-
low what has been ordered
for us to do during Rama-

These are general guide-
lines that may not apply to
everyone entirely. There are
times when one is unable to
fast due to a medical condi-
tion or age-related weak-
nesses. Diabetics in particu-
lar must be cautious with
fasting as it may result in
dangerously low blood sugar
(hypoglycemic) episodes
that can result in serious
consequences like coma or
even death. Be sure to dis-
cuss your options with your
family doctor, and follow his
advice if you suffer from any
medical condition which
makes fasting difficult or
dangerous. Remember that
Allah (swt) has cautioned us
in the Quran when He said: