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Fasting during Ramadan whilst
working as a doctor comes with its
own special challenges. Its all about
"time management" and organisa-
tion! I remember being a medical
student on a surgical rotation dur-
ing Ramadan. As a student you are
expected to go into theatre and
watch the consultant surgeon oper-
ate a full list. It can be exciting and
interesting, admittedly though it de-
pends on what the operation is, I
mean, in-grown toe nails do not
pack the same punch as a hernia
operation or even a hemi-
colectomy! Fasting during the win-
ter in the UK means the days are
very short (great for fasting!!!), and
so the prayer times are very close
together. It can be that there is 1.5
hours between Zuhr and Asr! I re-
call watching the operation and the
clock, trying to figure out how long I
need to change out of the scrubs,
leg it to the prayer room, pray, run
back to the locker room and change
back into scrubs and get to the op-
erating theatre! Alhamdulillah, Allah
Sister Soha