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The fasting in itself is no harder at
work as a doctor, I mean I have
seen labourers in the Middle East
working in the hot midday sun whilst
fasting, so really working in an air
conditioned hospital doesn't hold a
light to that! Having said that we
don't have scheduled breaks and it
is not unheard of for you to work
through an entire 12 hour shift with-
out sitting down for even a minute.
In that time trying to make your
prayers on time can be a challenge.
Sometimes just as you have found a
minute to make wudhu and start
your five minute trek to the prayer
room, which in some hospitals is lo-
cated in the most remote corner,
the bleep will go off. Aah the bleep
or pager- it can be your worst en-
emy as you can pretty much guar-
antee it will go off at the most inop-
portune moments, e.g. just as you
are about to pray, or break your
Night shifts and fasting wasn't