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something that I had experienced
before this year. I have to say, it's
quite a novel experience. You don't
have to worry about waking up on
time for suhoor, because you're al-
ready up! The only thing is that time
often flies when at work, you just
need to make sure you don't miss
the time to eat and realise that Fajr
has already started. However this is
easily fixed by setting the alarm on
your phone!
Ramadan is a time where work can
seem more of a hindrance. I feel
tired after a long day and when I fall
asleep waiting for Isha, I am disap-
pointed at myself for not making
more of an effort to spend the night
praying. Most people like to take
leave in the last 10 days of Ramadan
to give them more time to focus on
praying etc. The on-call rotas don't
always allow this and I remember
spending last Eid on-call! However,
forward planning can mean that
swaps out of shifts are almost al-