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ways possible, like I said organisa-
I am due to start a 6 month rotation
which will be entirely shift work. I
am over enthusiastic about it and
am feeling a little apprehensive as it
is Paediatric rotation, which I have
never done before. I was talking to a
sister the other day who said
"Alhamdulillah as its Ramadan there
will be a lot of barakah in your
Paeds job". That got me thinking, its
so true, I would much rather do a
difficult job at a time of year where
my dua's are more likely to be ac-
cepted, that my good deeds are
multiplied and I feel closer to Allah. I
think sometimes we are so quick to
focus on how hard something may
be, but often fail to realise what a
treasure chest of blessings and re-
wards it may bring. For anyone who
works as a doctor, a nurse or
healthcare professional, just think
anytime you walk past a patient and
see that they can't reach their wa-
ter glass or cup of tea and you
bring it near to them. Or when you
smile at someone or prop up an eld-
erly patient in bed so they are more
comfortable, or sit with a patient
who has no visitors because they
have no family or friends, you are
doing a good deed. These are all op-
portunities to gain reward and
imagine how much more you will
gain in Ramadan!