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a doctor. There are some similari-
ties - the "standard" questions from
kaffirs, the pity looks, trying to
function as normal as you can.
Working as a doctor, naturally, has
more responsibilities than as a
medical student and as such brings
its own trials.
First of all, let's remember that
Ramadan is a time of cleansing. It is
a time of cleansing the soul of our
evil deeds, thoughts and actions. It
is a time of true submission to Al-
lah's will! Remember the prophet
(pbuh) said: "Maybe a fasting per-
son will gain nothing but hunger and
thirst from fasting."
One of the biggest trials of working
as a doctor ALL the time is the
stress level. It is not a job that is
ever stress-free, no matter which
specialty you choose to practice in.
We [Soha & Dornu] intend on differ-
ent practices but still have similar
stresses. Most of the stress comes
from the "standard pressure" of