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the type of work and dealing with
people's health and lives. This can
often be multiplied by the workload
and the pressure to achieve so
much in so little time and for so
many people. But there is the obvi-
ous stress that comes from being a
Muslim woman working in a job con-
sidered "high-powered" by many.
So when we are fasting, imagine the
increased pressure!
So how can I be Muslim, fast and
work as a doctor?
I remember my first year of work-
ing, after I graduated. I guess you
could say as a convert initially I had
it good alhamdulillah. I was in Lon-
don, surrounded by lots of other
Muslims. The great thing about
Ramadan as a student is that every
Muslim became your best buddy,
even the ones you never spoke to.
So Alhamdulillah I had like four
years of that. Then, all of a sudden,
the next year I was thrown into the
world of a working doctor. Not only
that but the most junior doctor you
could be. This obviously meant that
every other doctor was more likely
to be my boss.