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My first year working was spent out
of London alhamdulillah. It was far
out in the Kent countryside which
was great for living but it did mean
minimal Muslims. I remember think-
ing that this was going to be diffi-
cult. I would miss the Iftar gather-
ings at university or while on place-
ment, I would miss seeing my
friends and their families who made
a point of having me round every
Alhamdulillah, I found one very good
Muslim family who seemed to decide
to "look after me". I felt blessed and
soon immersed myself into my
On a typical working day of 9 to 5,
we would normally start off the day
with a ward round. Basically, we go
round and see all the patients under
our care. We are all organised into
different teams under a lead con-
sultant (the boss) with varying sen-
iority grades of doctors underneath