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I remember for the most part we
would occasionally stop for coffee in
the mid-morning. However, I soon
became a workaholic influenced by
my seniors I was working with at
the time. This also meant that I be-
gan to literally live on coffee in the
mornings and throughout the day as
I worked.
When it came to Ramadan, I would
obviously skip the coffee break and
the lunch (for the most part). Al-
hamdulillah I actually found this use-
ful. Not only does it keep you away
from any gossip that's going on at
the time but I found I was able to get
on with doing part of the work that
did not require my seniors to su-
pervise. I found a new way to be-
come efficient.
I remember speaking to one of the
people who worked at the coffee
shop a couple of weeks into Rama-
dan. They were concerned that I had
not visited them in a while. I remem-
ber the combined look of shock,
concern and sympathy when I told