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tal, there was a chapel but no actual
prayer room. The following year I
moved to another hospital which
again had a chapel but no prayer
room and another sister and I just
used to bring our mats in and pray
in the hallway on the way to the
chapel. Once this was locked, I found
more and more inventive places to
pray - the ladies shower room, the
doctors mess (if I was on nights and
not many people around), the dis-
abled toilet, a patient's room with no
patient assigned to it or a quiet hall-
way. When I worked in the genito-
urinary department, I just used to
lock my doors (between patients)
and just do my prayer. My most re-
cent one is praying in one of the
"milking rooms" which is the
mother and baby feeding room in
the hospital. It is perfect alhamdulil-
lah. There's a sink for wudhu, it's
big and quiet and you can lock it!
The praying on time issue did not
become much of an issue until after
my second year of qualifying. My