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Bismillah wa Salatu wa salam a'la Ra-

Asalamu Alykoum wa rahmatullahi wa ba-

Ramadan has dawned on us another
year and how quickly it has come. The
virtues of Ramadan are numerous and
many of us know well how much this
month means. However as time nowa-
days flies by, we will see before our
very own eyes Ramadan come to pass
as a desert Bedouin. Once it is said a
Bedouin came to a man and said to
him `my brother Ramadan is already
finished', the man was puzzled and be-
wildered, Ramadan had but only be-
gun being only in its first day and it is
already finished? What did he mean?
The Bedouin replied `yes today is its
first and tomorrow will be the second
and so on and so forth, till the month
passes our eyes.' Subhanallah if this
was back during the times of the salaf,
what about us? We try to speed and
hasten everything in this dunya. Our
food is fast, our travelling is fast, our
learning is fast, the very air that we
breathe passes before us, and before
we know it the dark covering will en-
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