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because you have a deadline to meet, and thus the
worry drives you, and motivates you to complete this

The Prophet (saw) said:

"If one becomes worried, he hurries up & if he hurries
up, he sooner reaches his destination."
Make a schedule. Yes, I know sounds tedious and
very boring, but trust me you need one. Why?
Because when you make a schedule, everything
is written down at a specific time, theres a
time for this and a time for that. The day runs
more smoothly, there is less confusion and
stress, and as a whole you feel that you will
have achieved A LOT more than you could have
Make sure you start your day early preferably
after fajr. This way you have a large part of the
day in which you can engage yourself in benefi-
cial acts of worship. For example it is most
loved to recite the Quran after fajr. Also the
Prophet (saw) said: