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"Rise early to earn your living and do your affairs, for
it brings about blessings and success."

Also the Prophet (saw) made dua for those who rise up
"O Allah bless my nations early rising."
Make sure you have made a dua book; write down
all your duas in there. Be very specific in your
duas remember Allah is the all hearer and giver he
wants us to talk to him, so make sure you do so.
Converse with Allah, ask for him everything and
anything - do not feel shy. You should also add all
the duas you want to make for you friends, fam-
ily, colleagues e.t.c.
Iftar schedule/routine make sure you are ready
and set for Iftar. Who is cooking? What will you
cook? Set this clear so that when you break your
fast you do so with ease and not last minute run-
ning around.

Set aside specific hours and place whereby you can
sit alone and contemplate on your self develop-
ment, and remember Allah.

Set taraweeh plans.