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Ensure you have sorted out your Eid attire, long
before Ramadan starts, if Ramadan starts make
sure you sort it out as early as possible. You do not
want to be spending the last days of Ramadan wor-
rying about this, and thus averting your focus.

Spring clean the home let the vibe of Ramadan
be felt physically in the house too.

Sort out your financial position remember the
month of Ramadan was one in which the Prophet
(saw) was even more generous. Thus set aside a
fixed amount which you will give away in charity
in order to reap the extra rewards this Ramadan.
You can even have sadaqa boxes in the home to
encourage the family to join in, placing any loose
change in there! This way there is reward and the
family are united upon good.
These are some of the ,,to-dos we can do in order to
equip ourselves better for the coming month.
May Allah aid us in this month, and make it one in
which we can maximise good deeds with every fasting