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velop us taking us to our final abode. This
is what the Bedouin meant. We rejoice at
Ramadan's arrival, but fail to understand
what this month truly means to each one
of us.

Ramadan should be an opportunity to
truly reflect on your life. What have you
achieved? Where are heading? What do
you want from this life? It is a time we
should set new goals and aspirations. It is
time to set our priorities for the following
year and the ones to follow. It is a time to
sit and reflect and ponder over your soul
and nature, finding ways to restrain your
soul. Setting these goals and priorities
should only be completely and wholly fo-
cused on seeking the PLEASURE OF AL-
LAH. This is the only way we can attain
and ever reach our destinations, because
only by the aid of Allah will our plans
come to occur. We must understand that
we can plan all we want, but if this plan-
ning has no real purpose for the hereafter
then it is completely and utterly pointless
and baseless, because the believer is in-
telligent. Hence, Allah provides us a month
in which we can contemplate these issues
and correct them. However this is not to
limit it to Ramadan entirely, rather Rama-
dan provides the spring to push us to