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of Fasting
As we begin the month of
Ramadan it is very important
for us to know the manners
of fasting. Here are some of
the manners of fasting that
we should try to implement
during this glorious month.

Eating a pre-dawn meal
All Muslims agree that it is
preferred to eat a pre-dawn
meal and that there is no sin
upon one who does not do

The Prophet (sa) said:
"Eat a pre-dawn meal, for
t h e r e a r e b l e s s i n g s i n
Also Al-Miqdam ibn Mad-
yakrib reported that the
Prophet (sa) said:
should eat this pre-dawn
meal for it is a blessed
The reason why it is a
blessing is that it strength-
ens the fasting person,
makes him more ener-
getic, and makes the fast
easier for him.

The pre-dawn meal can
consist of anything of ei-
ther large or small quantity,
or even a sip of water.
The Prophet (sa) said,
"The pre-dawn meal is
blessed, so do not neglect