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that is not available, with
some water. Anas re-
"The Messenger of Allah
would break his fast with
r i p e d a te s b e fo r e h e
would pray.If those were
not available, he would
eat dried dates.If those
were not available, he
would drink some water."
Also the Prophet (sa)
"If one of you is fasting,
he should break his fast
with dates. If dates are
not available, then with
water, for water is purify-
ing." (Tirmidhi)
We also see from these
ahadith that one should
eat before performing the
Maghreb prayer.
What to say when
breaking the fast?
Ibn Majah related from
'Abdullah ibn 'Amr ibn al-
'Aas that the Prophet (sa)
"A fasting person, upon
breaking his fast, has a
supplication that will not