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It is confirmed that the
Prophet would say:
"The thirst has gone, the
glands are wet and, Allah
willing, the reward is con-
In mursal form, it is re-
ported that he would say:
"O Allah, for You I have
fasted and with Your provi-
sions do I break my fast."
At-Tirmizhi recorded, with
a good chain, that the
Prophet said:
"Three people will not
have their supplications re-
jected: a fasting person
until he breaks his fast, a
just ruler, and an op-
pressed person."
What behavior should
Fasting is a type of wor-
s h i p t h a t d r a w s o n e
closer to Allah. Allah has
prescribed it to purify the
soul and to train it in good
deeds. The fasting person
must be on guard against
any act that may cause
him to lose the benefits of
his fast. Thus, his fast will
i n c r e a s e h i s G o d -
consciousness, and Allah
says in the Qur'an: