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"Whoever makes an
oath to ob ey Al lah
should be obedient to
Him." 'Umar said: "O
Messenger of Allah, I
made an oath to per-
form i'tikaaf one night
in the mosque at Mak-
kah." The Prophet (sa)
said: "Fulfill your oath."

The length of the ita-
kaaf should be as long
as the oath said it
would be. So if one
swears to make itakaaf
for three days then it
should be three days.

In regards to the sun-
nah itakaaf, there is no
limit on the length of
the seclusion and the
reward will be accord-
ing to how long one
reward will be accord-
ing to how long one
stays in the mosque. If
one leaves the mosque
and then returns, he
should renew his inten-
tion to perform i'tikaaf.

Imam Bukhari narrates
that Aishah related that
if the Prophet intended
to make i'tikaaf, he
would pray the morn-
ing prayer and begin it.
One time he wanted to