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for it shows that they dis-
carded the i'tikaaf after
they had begun it.

The hadith also shows that
a man may prevent his
wife from performing i'ti-
kaaf if she did not get his
permission to perform
it. So thus any sisters
planning to make i'tikaaf
this year must get their
husbands permission prior.

There are certain condi-
tions to performing i'ti-

The one who performs i'ti-
kaaf must be a Muslim
adult, a discerning child
who is free of sexual defile-
ment, or an adolescent
who is free of menstrual or
childbirth bleeding. I'tikaaf
is not acceptable from an
u n b e l i e v e r , a n o n -
discerning child, a sexually
defiled person, a menstru-
ating woman with post-
childbirth bleeding.

And again, I'tikaaf will be
fulfilled if a person stays
in the mosque with the
intention of becoming
closer to Allah. If the per-
son is not in the mosque
or did not do it with the
intention to please Allah,
it is not i'tikaaf. This is
important to ponder be-
cause there are many
Muslims who believe that
i'tikaaf can be performed
b y a w o m a n i n h e r
home. This is incor-
rect. It must be done in
the Masjid, no place

Itikaaf is not limited to
a particular Mosque

Itikaaf can be performed
in any Masjid that has