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prayers. Whenever a
p e r s o n e n t e r s t h e
mosque and makes the
intention of becoming
closer to Allah by staying
there, he will be perform-
i n g i ' t i k a a f u n t i l h e
leaves. If he has the in-
tention to perform i'tikaaf
during the last ten days
of Ramadan, he should
begin it before the sun

Al-Bukhari records from
A b u S a ' i d t h a t t h e
P r o p h e t ( s a ) s a i d :
"Whoever makes i'tikaf
with me is to make i'tikaf
d u r i n g t h e l a s t t e n

What should one do
while in seclusion in
the Mosque

It is preferred for the one
who is making i'tikaaf to
perform many supere-
and to occupy himself
with prayers, reciting
the Qur'an, glorifying
and praising Allah, ex-
tolling His oneness and
His greatness, asking
His forgiveness, send-
ing salutations on the
Prophet, and supplicat-
ing Allah--that is, all ac-
tions that bring one
closer to Allah.

Included among these
actions is studying and
reading books of tafsir
and hadith, books on
the lives of the Proph-
ets, books of fiqh, and
so on.

It is also preferred to set
up a small tent in the
courtyard of the mosque
as the Prophet did.

It is disliked for one to
engage himself in af-
fairs that do not concern