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'Ali that the Prophet said:
"There is no orphanhood af-
ter one has passed the age
of maturity, and there is no
non-speaking for a day until
the nightfall."

The following acts are per-
missible for one who is
making i'tikaaf:

-1- The person may leave his
place of i'tikaaf to bid fare-
well to his wife. Safiyyah re-
ported: "The Prophet was
performing i'tikaaf and I went
to visit him during the night. I
talked to him and then I got
up to go. He got up with me
and accompanied me to my
house. (Her residence was in
the house of Usamah ibn
Zaid. Two men of the Ansar
passed by them and when
they saw the Prophet they
quickened their pace.) The
Prophet said: 'Hold on, she is
Safiyyah bint Haya.' They
said: 'Glory be to Allah, O
twe did not have any doubt
about you].' The Prophet,
upon whom be peace,
said: 'Satan flows in the
person like blood. I feared
that he might have whis-
pered some [slander] into
your heart.'" This is related
by al-Bukhari, Muslim, and
Abu Dawud.

-2- Combing and cutting
one's hair, clipping one's
nails, cleaning one's body,
wearing nice clothes or
wearing perfume are all
permissible. 'Aishah re-
ported: "The Prophet was