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performing i'tikaf and he
would put his head out
through the opening to my
room and I would clean [or
comb in one narration] his
hair. I was menstruating at
the time." This is related by
al-Bukhari, Muslim, and Abu

-3- The person may go out
for some need that he must
perform. 'Aishah reported:
"When the Prophet per-
formed i'tikaaf, he brought
his head close to me so I
could comb his hair, and he
would not enter the house
except to fulfill the needs a
person has." This is related
by al-Bukhari, Muslim, and

-4- The person may eat,
drink, and sleep in the
mosque, and he should also
keep it clean. He may make
contracts for marriage, buy-
ing, selling, and so on.

If a person performs one
of the following acts, his i
'tikaaf will be nullified

-1- Intentionally leaving the
mosque without any need to
do so, even if it is for just a
short time. In such a case,
one would not be staying in
the mosque, which is one of
the principles of i'tikaf.
-2- Abandoning belief in Is-
lam, as this would nullify all
acts of worship. If you as-
cribe a partner to Allah, your
work will fail and you will be
among the losers.