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Dr Ibrahim Dremali is an active dai'ee in
the USA. He was born in present day
Gaza Strip where he spent most of his
childhood there. Coming from a family
whose life centered on the field of knowl-
edge, Dr Dremali learnt at his father's
knees the sciences of tafseer and reason of
revelation at a very young age. Having 5
sisters and 2 brothers, Sheikh Dremali
and his siblings were instilled with a love
of fiqh and other fields of Islamic studies.
As a young boy he joined his father's cir-
cles of knowledge, in which he read the
books of fiqh to his father, whilst his fa-
ther taught his students. This way of life
continued for the young sheikh until he
moved to Egypt and studied at the pres-
tigious Al-Azhar University.

Dr Dremali came to the United States in
1988 and his work in the Daw'ah had be-
gun. The great need for dawah in the USA
had driven him to actively participate
with the MSA & MSO in several universi-
ties in South Florida. Sheikh Dremali
later became one of the co-founders of the
Islamic Center of Boca Raton, where he
remained an Imam for six years. Since
then he has heavily become involved in
Islamic schools and education, as the
need for dawah is increasing more and
more, especially amongst the youth. Cur-
rently the sheikh lives in Arlington, Texas