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and is greatly involved with Vanguard In-
ternational Academy, which is going on
its third year as Arlington's first Islamic
middle and high school.
In this interview SunnahFollowers caught
up with Sheikh Ibrahim Dremali and dis-
cussed his role and part behind the devel-
opment of this website.
Asalamu alykoum Dr Dremali,
To begin, could you first tell us how
did your Journey to SunnahFollow-
ers initially begin?
Bismillah Alhamdulillah ala Rasoolillah.
Wa Alaikum Salam wa Rahmatu Allah.
I heard about SunnahFollowers and I
used to listen to Sister Laila Nasheeba
and some of the Shuyookh teaching. I
was really impressed with the system and
the kind of education being of-
fered. When I found that the Aqeedah of
SunnahFollowers was correct, I agreed
immediately when Sister Laila asked me
to join SunnahFollowers as one of the
teachers, and I was very happy to be a
part of this effort.
Dr Dremali, can you tell us exactly
your role (managing director) at
SunnahFollowers? & what it en-