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done at SunnahFollowers?
Yes in fact I have seen many positive
changes in the last few years with more
progress and more success. I have no-
ticed even the style of education is con-
tinually improving, and I do see it head-
ing in the direction of being a degree of-
fering institute of distance learning In-
Dr Dremali, what more do you have
in store for S.F?
I am waiting for the moment when I be-
come completely cured from my sickness
Insha'Allah, to give SunnahFollowers
more than what I used to give. I want to
teach textbooks. With general lectures,
the people forget. With textbooks, the
students will have a copy and can study
along with the book, and always have that
tool of knowledge on hand. Textbooks in-
crease the value of knowledge.
S.F is predominantly Women -
Sheikh could you elaborate to us
the importance of educating this
nations women? & most impor-
tantly by a female teacher? The rea-
son I ask is because we have had
men and still do, who prevent their
women from coming to learn their
religion from S.F - what words of